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Johanna Lundqvist, Fashion Blogger, Mode Uppsala

by Jennifer Iannuzzi | November 21, 2013

Coverage of Lumitoro’s launch event from Swedish fashion blogger, Johanna Lundqvist. Her post is in Swedish but here’s a translation of the highlights:

“The collection was a nice mix of stylish and sturdy jewelry in beautiful materials. That every piece of jewelry tells a story makes them feel personal and unique. It also feels extremely modern and futuristic with the element of 3D printing.” Johanna Lundqvist, Fashion Blogger ModeUppsala

Read the article in Swedish here:
[updated link]

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Lumitoro 'Shapes' launch at Stockholm Fashion Week

by Jennifer Iannuzzi | November 20, 2013

The Official Lumitoro Launch!

We are so incredibly humbled by, and grateful for, the overwhelming interest and excitement you have expressed for Lumitoro's debut collection, Shapes. The launch event exceeded our expectations and our team has been busy filling orders . Here are a few shots from the event. 'Thank you' / 'Tack' / 'Gracias' / 'Kiitos' / 'どうもありがとうございました' to all who attended and supported us in making this dream a reality. You inspire us!

Here are a few images from the event, held at the So Stockholm gallery. Enjoy!

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