About Lumitoro

Lumitoro [ˈlumi toh’-ro]
Lumi [ˈlumi], from the Finnish word for ‘snow’
Toro [toh’-ro], from the Spanish word for 'bull'.

Launched in 2013 during Stockholm Fashion Week by founder Roberto Chaves and his team, Lumitoro is the ultimate fusion of art and science in jewelry - where a designer’s intuitive touch meets the precision of 3D printing technology.

Lumitoro Jewelry is the must-have brand for the fashionista in trend-setting cities around the world. Its slogan, “Perfectly Imperfect Jewelry” celebrates the beauty of imperfection reflected in every collection.

Crafted from the highest quality materials using state-of-the-art techniques, Lumitoro Jewelry is about creating an experience for the wearer and her audience with designs that compel exploration. Each iconic piece tells a story that invites touch and ignites conversation. It is the statement brand for women to celebrate their individuality.

“The collection was a nice mix of stylish and sturdy jewelry in beautiful materials. That every piece of jewelry tells a story makes them feel personal and unique. It also feels extremely modern and futuristic with the element of 3D printing.”
- Johanna Lundqvist, Fashion Blogger

Boardroom presentation. Cocktail hour. Red carpet soiree. A Lumitoro piece for every occasion.

“Shapes” marks Lumitoro Jewelry’s debut. Each collection features a clear geometric aesthetic with a clean minimalistic take. Explore the Shapes collection to find the Lumitoro piece that begs to adorn you.

The core Lumitoro team

Roberto Chaves, Founder and Chief Designer

Lumitoro is the creation of designer Roberto Chaves.

Fluent in Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and English (and currently learning Japanese), he is also a photographer with over 10 years of experience perfecting his extreme close-up technique. Roberto now applies the inverse of this thinking in his jewelry, inviting and inciting the same curiosity as he does with his macro photography.

Roberto’s photographs are featured throughout the website. His work has appeared in Canon’s global catalogue on two separate occasions and earned him a coveted position as a designer with IKEA on a number of projects.

Roberto has also focused his eye for design on corporate work including branding, product packaging and websites for clients around the world. He is a SuperGroup member with Research International and has completed pioneering work on real-time 3D graphics development and Virtual Reality.

His background, a masterful fusion of art and science, is the essence of Lumitoro.

Each Lumitoro piece was conceived on paper, meticulously rendered and printed using the latest 3D technology and tested on the necks, wrists and fingers of the women who inspire him:

Charismatically elegant with an edge, she’s fearless and earns both respect and admiration. Lumitoro is the statement brand for those women because as with the jewelry, there is always more to her than meets the eye.

From the way a bracelet reflects light to a necklace’s fit and the degree of polish on the material used for a ring, Roberto has spent countless hours imagining and re-imagining to create a finished piece worthy of its wearer.

Roberto is the ‘snow bull’ from which Lumitoro got its name.

Nova Borg, Head of Marketing and Chief Muse

Charismatic Nova brings a wondrous and eclectic mix of talent, experience and unbridled curiosity to the Lumitoro team. A natural in front of the camera, she embraced the job as Lumitoro’s first official model.

With a Foundation of Arts in Fashion and Textiles from the London Metropolitan University already under her belt, Nova is currently completing her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology at Stockholm University, fulfilling a childhood dream to protect marine life.

Her proven passion for fashion led to steady work as a stylist, make-up artist and wardrobe assistant for a number of London-based film and production companies.

In 2011, Nova traded in high fashion for the high seas, joining a cruise line as a deckhand responsible for the ship’s machine room. On a few occasions, her skill and confidence were the only things that kept the ship afloat. 
Nova continues to save the day with her mechanical prowess, fixing issues that arise with Lumitoro’s 3D printers. 

Nova met her match, Roberto, at a samba drum class. Today, they inspire and support each other. Nova’s background in fashion and design coupled with retail and customer service experience make her the ideal Head of Marketing for Lumitoro. When she’s not studying, selling or styling, Nova is the co-pilot for the couple’s hex a & octocopter, taking aerial photographs.

The beauty, intelligence and positivity Nova radiates make her the ideal Muse, and the ultimate team stylist.

Maria Öborn - Project Manager

With degrees in advertising communications, project leadership and interior design, Maria’s impressive CV pales in comparison to her inspiring personality.

A ‘people person’ with a passion for problem-solving and structure, Maria thrives on working directly with clients to achieve results that exceed expectations. She has successfully managed projects ranging from exhibitions to tours, product launches and inaugurations for some of Sweden’s largest public and private companies.

Outgoing and motivated, Maria has traveled extensively between the US and Sweden, most recently spending three months living and studying in Los Angeles. During this time, she represented a brand name jewelry collection in San Francisco as a model.

Maria had modeled for Roberto on a few projects in the past, and her Facebook photos from the recent shoot in San Francisco caught his attention. After a lunch meeting they both realised that Maria had to get involved with Lumitoro.

Maria’s enthusiasm for the Lumitoro brand and the opportunity to merge her creativity in design with her experience as a project manager led her to join the team.

Jennifer Iannuzzi, Founder iFixText & Messaging Magician

Jennifer is a seasoned communications consultant with over 15 years of experience in the IT, Retail, Education and Manufacturing sectors, to name a few. Whether working within the highly structured teams of Fortune 500s or the chaos of the start-up environment, she brings enthusiasm, patience and skill to every project.

Jennifer’s words have launched companies, built brands, landed media coverage, secured meetings, driven traffic, converted customers and dramatically increased revenue for her clients.

After seven years abroad, working with start-ups in Montenegro and Sweden, she returned to Canada and was inspired to start iFixText. A communications firm dedicated to helping companies overseas communicate effectively in English, iFixText specializes in crafting compelling messaging for any medium.

Jennifer met Roberto at the start of her career and over the years, the two have worked side-by-side on two successful start-ups. Together again for Lumitoro, she respects his passion for perfection and he admires her determination. Honoured to be trusted with transcribing Roberto’s dream, Jennifer has made it her mission to give Lumitoro a voice worthy of its wearers.

Ratita - Chief Mascot & Belly Rub Aficionado

Ratita is a diva. Tough and intelligent, she is also playful and perpetually happy. An expert at high fiving’ and lounging on the sofa, she is not afraid to get dirty. Her hobbies include giving sloppy kisses and extreme barefoot running, in the woods.

She skillfully employs her puppy dog eyes and paw-ers of persuasion on her humans, Roberto and Nova, to take breaks from the jewelry business and focus on canine business.

A lifelong learner with an appetite for adventure (& treats), Ratita is a Lumitoro girl through and through.