Pragmatic (pragˈmatik/)

Pragma [ˈpragma], from the Greek word for ‘deed’

The word ‘pragmatic’ refers to a philosophy of doing what works best. It has historically described philosophers who were concerned more with the real-world application of ideas than with abstract notions.

Lumitoro is keenly aware of the impact our actions as an organization have on the environment. We may not be perfect but we try to be pragmatic. As such, we are committed to ongoing research into, and adoption of, the latest green technologies and materials whenever possible.

“When I’m not designing a new piece or squinting through a lens, I can often be found researching. My thirst for knowledge is as strong as my hunger to create. I’m always filling my mind with answers to the question, ‘How can I make even just a small difference, one that has a lasting effect?’ Lumitoro is one of many channels I can leverage to make a positive impact on the world we share.”
- Roberto Chaves

Lumitoro will donate a portion of the proceeds from select pieces to charities doing work we believe passionately in. This deed will help to raise awareness for organizations dedicated to areas such as environmental protection and education.

Please support our current charitable campaign:

Torii Red for SOS Children’s Villages

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela
The nature of Torii Red’s captivating geometry compels curiosity and exploration, both of which inspire education and learning.
Lumitoro will donate €10 from each Torii Red sale to SOS Children’s Villages, a charity devoted to improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children through education and other vital programs.