Lumitoro's Plantaë shown at exclusive Hotel Nobis

by Nova Borg | June 27, 2018

Hello world!

So, we were invited to show a selection of our pieces at a press event for all the who’s who and what’s what within the Swedish journalist and stylist scene. 
It was held at the exclusive hotel Nobis in the heart of Stockholm.

And we created, do we dare to say, our most elaborate Plantaë arrangements so far.

Nova from the Lumitoro HQ here to take you through all the steps to creating these voluptuous arrangements. Stay tuned for some serious inspo and a how-to!

The two tall standing Plantaë cubus-rectus and cubus-contortus are such a joy for a quick and easy arrangement. In less than 10 minutes you’ll create yourself a super-cool arrangement in your very own style. 


These are a couple of previous arrangements we've made.   


For the daring ones who want to get real creative; Plantaë corniculatus, orbis and pinous are for you.


These also double as the perfect planter for succulent arrangements in your home


Let’s talk about this event’s arrangements!


We decided to work with Plantaë cubus-contortus and Plantaë corniculatus.


In Plantaë cubus-contortus we wanted a minimalistic and rustic looking arrangement in an antique green-grey colour scheme. I also wanted to incorporate an air plant because, it’s an air plant. How cool aren’t those! 

Plus if taken care of properly it will stay alive for a long time. 

The flowers used were eucalyptus (gotta love that colour and that scent), thistle and of course the air plant. I cut them to desired shape, tied them together with a small elastic hairband and it was done!


Wam Bam Thank You Ma-am-arrangement in under ten minutes!


Now let’s talk about this magnificent Plantaë corniculatus arrangement! We wanted a 70's vibe where different colours and textures meet but still keep it clean and minimal. 


Don't you feel like you just wanna hang this around your neck and put your dancing shoes on??


To add volume and create a lush and voluptuous arrangement I used oasis. I placed the oasis a bowl until it sank to the bottom, just to make sure it was soaked through  before using it. 


Some of the tools you'll need


I filled the triangular shape with the oasis so that it was 2cm above the edge. Aside from giving volume this setup also gives more space to work with and a better grip for the flower stems. Win-win!

The flowers I used were these red/brownish berries and Chrysantemum santini both of which have multiple flower heads on each stem. To start I cut of all individual flowers (and berries) making sure the stems were just long enough to reach the other edge but short enough not to stick out on the other side of the oasis. Remember to cut each stem diagonally to get a nice sharp edge which will make it easier to stick it into the oasis.

Before I slide in the flower I pre-make a hole slightly smaller than the stem itself in the oasis. This prevents the stem from breaking and help it slide in easier. I make the hole with something like an embroidery needle or a thinner wooden skewer. 

Then its pretty much the same technique throughout, cut and repeat until all the oasis is covered.

I find this process so meditative, it keeps my mind occupied at the task at hand and clearing out all other things like this weeks must-do’s. Plus there is something especially satisfying in seeing something growing from a bland piece of green oasis to a beautiful, living piece of art.

We absolutely love seeing what you are creating so do tag us on social media with your unique arrangement!

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