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by Jennifer Iannuzzi | February 01, 2014

Thank you Turkey!

We were pleased to discover this wonderful feature on Lumitoro in Turkish! If you've recently been to a Starbucks or cinema in Turkey, you may have seen this article in the popular Postkolik magazine that can be found in these hot spots.

Here's a rough translation of the text:  

"The most elegant version of 3D printing. Looking for simple but striking jewelry? Let us introduce you to Lumitoro. Behind this highly refined and at the very least, handsome, design is 3D printing technology that we now come across in every industry. By using this extremely popular technology in the manufacturing of products, Lumitoro's unique pieces are born. The brand combines the conventional understanding of jewelry with a completely new and modern perspective that steals our hearts. This minimal design, produced for ladies who know what they want, will guarantee you elegance in all environments. The jewelry, usually made of materials such as silver or bronze varies in price depending on the model and it is possible to contact them and place orders via a Web shop."

The article appears in the bottom right corner of Page 29:



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